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About the Green Pack Project

The Green Pack Project builds upon the successful assistance to the development of the Ukrainian version of the educational tool-kit called Green Pack in 2009 supported by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine. The Green Pack tool-kit consists of four elements: 1) the teacher’s handbook featuring 22 lesson plans related to sustainable development, 2) CD-ROM which contains in-depth information on 22 lesson plans, exercises and other learning tools, 3) dilemma cards for each of the lesson plan which are meant to stimulate students’ thinking, and 4) DVD collection of documentaries related to lesson plans.

The master version of the Green Pack, developed by the Hungary-based Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), includes 22 topics related to environmental protection and sustainable development, divided into five chapters:

Each of the main Green Pack components — the CD ROM, the teacher's handbook, the DVD video and the dilemma game — follows the same structure. This multi-media educational tool-kit came to be known as Conventional Green Pack and was primarily designed for secondary and high schools. All components were further developed to best reflect Ukraine’s realities and illustrate the study materials with Ukraine-specific cases.

In 2007, the REC released Green Pack Junior version, aimed at primary schools pupils in Hungary. Thus, in 2010-2011 Green Pack Junior was designed for the Ukrainian primary schools.

Green Pack educational materials fully conform to the basic principles of the Concept of Environmental Education adopted by the government and will contribute to the increased awareness of environmental issues in the Ukrainian society as a whole.